Welcome to Mysore Plywood Co.

Mysore Plywood Co. is the leading supplier of Plywood and related products shooted in the heart of Ludhiana City. Serving the plywood industry from past 30 Years, We offer a wide range and quality of plywood, Decorative Laminates, Veeners and other upcomming products related to interior designing and home furnishing. Working under the supervision of experienced and qualified executives, We always tend to guide our customers in the best possible manner, so that they can build their homes or offices according to the best possible means available in the market.

We are currently working with most popular brands available in the market like GREEN PLY, CENTURLY PLY, SUNDEK LAMINATES,PRIMA KANCHAN DOORS ETC. when dealing with our customers, we always make sure that our customers are choosing the right products and in the rational quantity from the choices available in the market. Hence we always try to guide our customers in a better way so that they can be maximum benefited.

So Visit Our Showroom to see a complete range of products to decorate your buildings and to make your cemented structure a beautiful home.